General Info about the Synod Senior Band:

  Contact is made primarily via email notices and a web posting here always kept current.
  To contact someone in a role (director, secretary, webmaster), send email to <role> .
  When phone contact is needed, please call director Emmett Stark at (952) 544-5601.

  photo from 2010
We seek performances primarily playing for senior groups and church groups,           
and prefer indoor venues. 

•      Synod Band members have individual music folders
(available for $10,
 or your own if it matches ours),
       each with full set of parts,

       Folders are individually distributed and maintained at home.

     Dress is White
       over Black

        Members provide own ‘uniform’ of White tops and Black bottoms,          
         and often must provide our own personal music stands for use at concerts.

•    Synod Band is totally dependent on donations to cover expenses,
      primary cost being the purchase of music, so we need:
          Voluntary donations from our members (no fee to belong).
          Voluntary contributions by supporters of the Band
          Donations from host institutions where we perform.

        The “Synod” part of band's name means endorsement, not funding,  
        from the Minneapolis Synod of the ELCA,
        which helps us with publicity and our financial records.  
        Donations to SSB may be sent to the ‘Minneapolis Synod, ELCA’, 
when so noted in the memo field, go directly for band use only.

Announcements to SSB Members:

    Requests for broadcast announcements should be directed to
from director Em or his designate),
               '' for approval.
       Urgent announcements sent to ''
             will cause immediate contact with director, then displayed on site asap.

    To cancel or postpone a rehearsal or concert, 
notice will be:
           immediately posted at top of this website ,
           sent to individuals, by each form requested:
                     by text-message (
                     by phone[-tree] callers (landline phones,
          and then also sent
by email [high-priority] (PCs).

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