Synod Senior Band (MN)
                  Seniors playing popular and sacred music for Seniors
   <Most recent update: Sep.17, 2022 @3P>

      Music Director: Nick vanDuzee,   Emeritus Music Director: Emmett Stark
Administrator: Gigi Kornfuehrer   Communications/Web: Dick Peik
  We Members-Only resumed rehearsals Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Rehearsal Sep.27 (Tuesday) @
                                   at Westwood LC/GSHall

  Membership:  Our '22 Roster has 84 players!
                         but we always welcome more - no auditions

                 (Eager percussionists especially welcome!)
   Concerts (up to 10) are usually in daytime, in western Twin Cities.          at Westwood Lutheran Church's Good Shepherd Hall, in St.LouisPk)  
COVID policy: Vaccination / masking not required .                                   

Remaining Concerts scheduled:
  • Tuesday, Oct.18 @10:30A, at Westwood LC (St. Louis Park)
  • Sunday,  Oct.23 @  4:00P, at Gethsemane LC (Hopkins)      

2022 Current Repertoire   (always more to come)
  • Amazing Grace, by Ticheli
  • American Variations
  • Aurora, by Oldfield, arr. Lance Strickland
  • Big Band Signatures, arr. Higgins
  • Cabalina, by Al Sweet
  • Chorale and Shaker Dance No. 2, by Zdechlick
  • Latina, by Frank Bencriscutto
  • Light Cavalry Overture, by Suppe, arr. Henry Fillmore
  • Man of La Mancha, by Leigh, arr. Erickson
  • Pilgrims' Hymn, by Stephen Paulus, arr. Nick VanDuzee
  • Prelude and Fugue in Gm, by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Salvation is Created, by Chesnikov
  • State Bank March, by Al Sweet
  • Skippity Hoppity, by Al Sweet
  • Sons of Liberty, by Neeck
  • Stars and Stripes Forever, by John Philip Sousa
  • Strike Up the Band, arr. Barker
  • Sweet Land of Liberty, by Sochinski
  • Themes Like Old Times, arr. Barker
  • Wade in the Water, arr. Bulla

(Audio/Video  .mp4)
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go to our YouTube
channel "SynodSeniorBand-MN"
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2021 Restart Concert, Nov.9, 2021 at Gethsemane LC (Hopkins)
   Circus Days - Karl King
   Broadway Journey - arr. Christensen
   Chorale and Shaker Dance II - Zdechlik (cond. by Phil Raaen)
   French Horn Rag - Al Sweet
   Sons of Liberty - Neeck
   Ave Maria - Biebl/arr. Serber (conducted by Tom Engquist)
   St. Louis Blues - W.C. Handy/arr. Henderson
   Skippidy Hoppidy - Al Sweet
   Seventy Six Trombones - Willson/arr. Bocook
2019 Finale Concert, Oct.26 at Westwood LC (St. Louis Park) 
1. Minnesota March
2. Chorale and Shaker Dance II
(Phil Raaen cond.)

3. Latina (Dick Papke cond.)
4. Ave Maria (Serber arr.)
(Tom Engquist cond.)
5. On the Edge polka
6. Heartstorm (Jim McCreary composer)
7. Cabalina
8. Prince in Concert
9. Gopher Variations
(Nick VanDuzee cond.)
10. Stars and Stripes Forever

 Schroeder: "Ft. Snelling"  (all 3 Mvts; I. is "Fort Snelling")
Calhoun-Isles Community Band Concert (website, cf Ann Verme)
   Calhoun-Isles Community Band (You Tube, cf Mary Preus)

2017 Finale Concert Recording (.mp3)

2016 Finale Concert Recording (.mp3)