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*NEW-DIRECTOR (2021) <NICK VAN DUZEE> Kickoff Statement:*

  “I am thrilled to accept the offer to be Synod Senior Band music
director.  Directing SSB is like being given the keys to a Classic
Rolls Royce with the responsibility to keep it running in top shape
to show it properly at classic car shows.”
Next Rehearsal Tuesday, Sep.27 @10:00A -12:15P
               at WestwoodLC /Good Shepherd Hall, St. Louis Park

Turning-in old SSB-music repertoire parts - commencing Sep.27

Most of you have LOTS of music we have played in the past but haven't used recently.
We are going to start passing in these pieces in small batches.
[So you don't risk a hernia carrying 8 pounds of music to a rehearsal,]
we are going to start this with Tuesday Sep. 27.
For now, we ask you find <all> the music parts in your personal possession
we have not played in the last year, and sort into alphabetical order.
The ~Sep.25 "SSB Notes from Nick" for 9/27 will include a list of 8 pieces to be turned in
Subsequent  "SSB Notes"  will  continue a similar pattern. 

COVID issues:

Several SSB members have recently tested positive for Covid.

We need to know how to handle our interactions in these situations.

1. We strongly, Strongly, STRONGLY! recommend being vaccinated and to be up to date with boosters.
The latest booster is now designed for the latest variants.
If you haven't had your booster please do so at your earliest chance.

2. It seems that, although the current variants are quite contagious, symptoms are milder and are treatable
 with the oral regimen of Paxlovid. If you have symptoms test quickly and start the 5-day treatment as soon as possible.

3. There is some variance in guidance about when someone is no longer contagious, however
it seems pretty universal that one should wait 10 days before interacting with vulnerable populations.
By virtue of our age and health demographics, SSB is a vulnerable group.

4. Please monitor your health and, if in doubt, stay home.
We want you for the long run and will respect your responsible decisions.
If ill, think about using the 10 days as a guideline for safely returning to attend rehearsals.

5. Nick: "Personally, I have completed my treatment course.
I am symptom free and will take at least one quick test before the 9/13 rehearsal.
The timing is such that I can safely stand before you.
I will use a mask, however, and will set the podium a bit farther from the band than normal,
and "Use the mic!!")
The rehearsal is currently (Sep.11, 11P) on for this Tuesday the 13th .
The only way it will be cancelled is if I have a "rebound infection."
If I do test positive on Monday, we'll send an notice (probably email) that afternoon.
No notice means Yes=rehearsal as planned;  notice with "SSB cancelled" in the title =NO rehearsal.

Sep.27 Rehearsal Repertoire:
  Big Band Signatures
  Light Cavalry
  Winds of Change (new piece to be passed out)
  Aurora (Phil Raaen conducting)
  American Variations
  Pilgrims' Hymn
  Alleluia Laudamus Te, by Alfred Reed (in folders,
                                     extra parts available if you need one)
  Sons of Liberty

Notify admin Gigi K. if you are going to miss this Tuesday, or any future rehearsal or concert.


Tuesday, Sept. 13th Normal rehearsal, 10:00A-12:15

Tuesday, Sept. 27th Normal rehearsal, 10:00A-12:15

Tuesday, Oct.  11th Normal rehearsal, 10:00A-12:00 (last rehearsal of the season)

        ****End-of-year picnic right after rehearsal. (change from last notice).

Tuesday, Oct. 18th Concert at Westwood LC, 11:00A [10:00A call]

Sunday, Oct. 23rd Concert at Gethsemane Lutheran Church (Hopkins), 4:00P [3:00P call]

   3 pieces added for post-July: "Prelude and Fugue in Gm" by Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. ...
                                             "Pilgrim's Hymn" by Stephen Paulus, arr. nvdz (NvD)
                                             "Aurora" by Oldfield, arr. Lance Strickland (Conducted by Phil Raaen)
            (Extra copies will be in the teal-colored spare-parts folder for your section.)
2022-Season Repertoire:
   Current repertoire is listed on this site's home-page.
For parts needed, inform the Director, Administrator, or Music Librarian 
as soon in advance as possible.               
   Synod Band will try to have a balance of new pieces with some old favorites;
serious pieces with audience pleasers; challenging pieces, and tunes of
good playability. Whenever you have suggestions, and If you would like to conduct any piece,
let the
Director know!

Rehearsals and Concerts
       SynodSeniorBand 2022 Calendar/Online

                     followed by annual catered SSB Lucheon, in WwLC's lobby area!

  If  you will be absent (even last-minute), from any rehearsal or concert (especially!)
 email (or text ) to Director  - or to Administrator.
if possible, also notify (text or phone) someone in your section, to expedite seating.

SSB Board of Directors:
  Music Director: Nick VanDuzee  (ex officio)
 Admin: Gigi Kornfuehrer 
 Treasurer: Ardie Valen 
 Music Librarian: Ann Hirsch
 Linda Cherra
 Rod Daniels
 Carol Feldman 
 Herman Swanson


  SSB family now at Great Music Hall in the Sky:
July  26     - Char (Em-spouse) Stark
         July 10      - Greg (Edrie-spouse) Kioski
       July 4     - Nel (Herman-spouse) Swanson
         May 24  - Jim Blood (baritone)
2021 December   - Dave Linne (baritone)

           November - Jim Limburg (trombone)
           November - Jim Rausenberger (alto sax)
           October     - Bev Nelson (clarinet)
           August       - Dave Valen (trumpet)
           May            - Walt Ostrom (tuba)
           April           - Lance Strickland (trombone) 
2020 November   - Cliff Erickson (trumpet)

                             - John Trelstad  (alum, sax)

         February  - Rick Boniface (trumpet)
2019  November - Faye Ann Tetzlaff (trumpet)