SSBand Members-Only

*NEW-DIRECTOR <NICK VAN DUZEE> Kickoff Statement:*
  “I am thrilled to accept the offer to be Synod Senior Band music
director.  Directing SSB is like being given the keys to a Classic
Rolls Royce with the responsibility to keep it running in top shape and
to show it properly at classic car shows.”
   Gigi Kornfuehrer will assist with band administration and liaison with our
rehearsal-site sponsor Westwood Lutheran Church (St.Louis Park). 
Peik will help with online communication, including maintaining this our website ‘’. 
Member Roster/Contact

Next: Rehearsal: Tuesday, August 9 @10:00a

                                                                                           at WWLC.  
     2 pieces added for post-July: "Aurora" by Oldfield/Strickland (Conducted by Phil Raaen) and
                                               "Pilgrim's Hymn"  by Paulus, arr. vdz (NvD)
            Most of you have these pieces in your folder. Extra copies will be in the teal-colored spare parts folder for your section

Rehearsal and Concerts. (More concerts - post-July - still being scheduled)
SynodSrBand 2022

  Several people have mentioned that they know of good players that might want to play with us.
Given our demographic, absences due to health or other plans makes having a "deep bench" a real plus!

You are welcome to recruit someone you think might enjoy and fit into SSB.
Section leaders will make initial part designations, subject to review.

   We will try to have a balance of new pieces with some old favorites;
serious pieces with audience pleasers; challenging pieces and tunes of
good playability.
Whenever you have suggestions,
let the Director know.
If you would like to
conduct any piece, let the Director know

Absence policy:
  If  you will be absent from a rehearsal (even last-minute),
 email (or text ) to Director  - or to Administrator.
 and if possible also notify (text or phone) someone in your section,
 (to expedite seating).

Board of Directors:
Music Director: Nick VanDuzee 
Admin: Gigi Kornfuehrer 
Treasurer: Ardie Valen 
Music librarian: <open> contact Ann Hirsch or Director
Linda Cherra
Rod Daniels
Carol Feldman 
Herman Swanson
2022-Season Repertoire:
Current repertoire is listed on this site's home-page.
For parts needed, inform the Director, Administrator, or Music Librarian 
as soon in advance as possible.

SSB Family passed to the great music hall in the sky:
2022 May 24 Jim Blood (baritone)
                                           Funeral  was Wed,. June 1
2021 December - Dave Linne (baritone)

                                                         obit Dec.12
           November - Jim Limburg (trombone)
           November - Jim Rausenberger (alto sax)
           October      - Bev Nelson (clarinet)
           August        - Dave Valen (trumpet)
           May              - Walt Ostrom (tuba)
           April             - Lance Strickland (trombone)
    2020 Nov           - Cliff Erickson (trumpet)
             Jun           - John Trelstad  (alum, sax)
                                        [obits June 14]