Synod Senior Band (MN)
                Music Director: Emmett Stark    

    Mission - we make joyous music by and to Seniors    Synod Senior Band - 2010 photo                    
                                                       Member Roster/Contact
Season is warm (April-October, with July off),
          and light (daytimes).

Concerts: 9-10, mostly in  Western Twin Cities

~2/mo. Tuesdays  10:00a-12:15p
   @ Westwood Lutheran Church, St. Louis Park
     on Cedar Lake Rd, 4 blks East of US-169

Next: Rehearsal: Tue., June.27 @10:00a,
           Concert  Wed., Aug.2, in Hastings

2016 Finale Concert  
Recent Repertoire

Bob Doan info

Member-involved Events

2017 Concert Season
    ---Tuesday, May 9  at Friendship Village, Bloomington

---Tuesday, May 23  at Mt. Olivet LC, Minneapolis

Thursday, June 1, at Lord of Life LC, MapleGrove

---Tuesday, June 20, at Adath Congregation, Minnetonka

    Wednesday, August 2 @12:00n, at St. Philips LC, Hastings
     Sunday, August 13 - @2 morn services, at Westwood LC/SLP
     Sunday, August 29 @2:00p, at Masonic Home, Bloomington
     Saturday, September 16 @6:30p, at Gethsemane LC, Hopkins
     Tuesday, September 26 @11:00a, at Faith LC, Coon Rapids
     Tuesday, October 31 @10:30a, at WestwoodLC, SLP
Overall Schedule

--Tue, Feb. 7 "Winter Tuneup” Rehearsal
--Tue, Apr. 4   Rehearsal
--Tue, Apr. 18 Rehearsal
--Tue, May 2  Rehearsal
--Tue, May 9  Concert at Friendship Village (Bloomington)
--Tue, May 16 Rehearsal
--Tue, May 23 CONCERT at Mt. Olivet LC 
--Thu, June 1 CONCERT, at Lord Of Life LC

--Tue, June 13 Rehearsal
--Tue, June 20 CONCERT at Adath Congregation (Minnetonka)

Tue, June 27 Rehearsal
Tue, Aug. 1  Rehearsal
Wed, Aug 2  CONCERT at St. Philips LC (Hastings)
Tue, Aug 8  Rehearsal  (in Sanctuary) for WW services
Sun, Aug 13  MORNING SERVICES at WestwoodLC
Tue, Aug 22  Rehearsal
Tue, Aug 29 CONCERT at Masonic Home (Bloomington)
Tue, Sep 12 Rehearsal
Sat,  Sep 16 CONCERT at Gethsemane LC (Hopkins)
Tue, Sep 26 CONCERT at Faith LC (Coon Rapids)
Tue, Oct   3 Rehearsal
Tue, Oct 17 Rehearsal
Mon,Oct 30  Rehearsal in WestwoodLC sanctuary,
         followed by annual luncheon
Tue, Oct 31  ANNUAL COFFEE CONCERT at WestwoodLC

 Repertoire (2017 Season)
 Theme is “Marches and Musicals”.
1st Half Repertoire:                 2nd Half Repertoire:
Trumpet Salutations                   Trumpet Salutations (opening)
Emblem of Unity                        National Emblem (2/4 march)
March 6th                                   March of Steel Men (6/8 march)
Earle of Oxford’s Marche          Crown Imperial  (Ceremonial March)
Moorside March                         Menard's Enigma  (Concert March)
March from 'Le Miserables'       76 Trombones (March in Musical)
Broadway Journey                     Tribute to Marvin Hamlisch (Medley)
Fiddler On the Roof                   West Side Story (Musical)
Curtain Call                                King and I (Musical)
Stars & Stripes Forever              Stars & Stripes Forever (closing)

Member-Involved Events
'Star of the North' Concert Band (Dick Papke,tpt)
July 23 @3:00p - Como Park Pavilion (St. Paul)
       July 24 @7:00p - Centennial Lakes (Edina)
Westwood Lutheran Church
    9001 Cedar Lake Rd, St. Louis Park (55426)
4 Blocks E of US-169, on South side.
      Church Office Phone: 952-545-5623
Travel warning re US-169, from MN-DOT:
    US-169 is reduced to 1 lane in each direction
    between 5thSt/LincolnDrive exit and I-394,
    starting at 5 a.m. Monday, April 10,
    remaining through October.
Nine Mile Creek Bridge on Hwy 169 is closed
    between Bren Road and 5thSt/LincolnDrive exit.

   Detours to bypass these diversions on US-169:
    North: MN-62E>MN-100, I-394W>US-169.
    South: detour: I-394W>I-494>MN-62E>US-169.

   MN-DOT project website has a current map
   of road/ramp closures to navigate,
   and also has a PDF version of the same map.
Bob Doan info
Contact info in Roster (link at top).
  Map location

June 27 Rehearsal
 10:00a -
work on 3 pieces involving the full band
      76 Trombones
      March of the Steel Men
      Tribute to Marvin Hamlisch

    Others not playing on 8/13 will be free to either leave, or sit in to sight-read along,
    sharing music with someone to do so.


  SSB Members playing Services on Aug. 13 at Westwood:
   For those who gave me a form indicating parts you will need, they will be available in packets.
  Bring to rehearsal the pieces that you already in your folder.
     Beautiful Savior (Shomper arr.)
     A Childhood Hymn
     Holy, Holy, Holy
     Hymn to Joy
     Let It Shine
     Let There Be Peace 
     Song of Praise
  Place in the worship service, plus any changes being made in the music.
  We will also go through the pieces in this order at rehearsals.
  Mark your music, (BRING PENCILS), then keep this information
1. Prelude 1:  “Song of Praise”  handed out 6/27; played as written.
2. Prelude 2:  “Let There Be Peace” with changes:
       A. Begin piece at letter “A”- Oboe solo (not trumpet; see insert) from “A" for 4 measures, then skip one measure.
       B. Flutes and oboe together for 4 measures, then skip one measure (to get to letter “B")
       C. Full band begin at letter “B” and play as written to letter “F” All stop except clarinet soloist.
       D. At letter “F”, 1st clarinet solo on E flat, held. All others tacit for remainder.
3. Opening Hymn:  “Holy, Holy, Holy” with addition:
       Play from ms. 13 to ms. 20 as an introduction, then play piece as written.
4. Following children’s sermon: “A Childhood Hymn,” with changes:
       A. Begin at ms. 11, play to beat 3 of ms. 26, then clarinet insert for last 2 mss. (others tacit)
5. Offertory:  “Beautiful Savior”  handed out 6/27, played as written.
6. Closing hymn: “Hymn to Joy” with changes:
       A. Add repeat from ms. 36 back to ms. 18
       B. Put fermata on beat one of ms. 42, then skip to 51, play 51-60 as is.
       C. Play in CUT TIME from ms. 60 to ms.76.
       D. Go back into 4/4 time from ms. 76-90. Play down beat of ms. 91, then stop.
7. Postlude:  “Let It Shine” with changes:
       A. Begin at ms. 37, play as is until 85.
       B. Skip from 85 to ms. 97
       C. Play from 97 to down beat of ms. 127, then stop.

Rehearsals on these pieces are limited to 1/2 of June 27 and full time on Aug. 8.
The gig on Aug. 13 covers 2 services
Report no later than 8:15 a; we will be finished by 11:45a