Synod Senior Band (MN)
                Music Director: Emmett Stark                Webmaster: Dick Peik

    Mission - we make joyous music by and to Seniors    Synod Senior Band - 2010 photo                    
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Season is warm (April-October, with July off [almost]),
          and light (daytimes).

Next: Rehearsal, Aug.21 (Tuesday).
          Concert: Aug.28 (Tuesday), Friendship Village [Bloom.]

Concerts: 5 Remaining in 2018,  mostly in Western Twin Cities
                 Note change: Gethsemane concert now Sep.22

~2/mo. Tuesdays  10:00a-12:15p
   @ Westwood Lutheran Church, St. Louis Park
     on Cedar Lake Rd, 4 blks East of US-169

2018 Rehearsal Schedule

2019 Repertoire - to-be-found, and sneak-preview

Member Activity Notices (1 - Doan Commission)

2017 Finale Concert (Oct.31)
  (see Program list)

2016 Finale Concert
2018 Concert  Schedule
-May  6, Sun @4:00p, Westwood LC +Centennial Singers
  2. -May.22 Tue @12:45p, Mt. Olivet LC (Minneapolis)
  3. -June.26 Tue @  1:30p, St. John’s LC (Mound)
  4. -Aug.12 Sun @  8:45a & 10:45a Services, Westwood LC(StLouPk)
  5. Aug.28 Tue @  1:00p, Friendship Village (Bloomington)
  6. Sep.11 Tue  @10:30a, Minnetonka Senior Center (Minnetonka)
  7. Sep.22* Sat @  6:30p, Gethsemane LC (Hopkins)
  8. Oct 11 Thu  @  6:30p, Transfiguration LC (Bloomington)
  9. Oct.30 Tue  @10:30a, Finale: Westwood LC (StLouisPark)
Rehearsals (Tuesdays 10a-12:15,
Westwood LC, StLouisPk)
  -Feb. 6 - Winter Tuneup
  -May. 1
  -May. 8,
  -June. 5,

  -July. 31,
  -Aug.  7,
  Sep.   4,
  Sep. 25,
  Oct.   9,
  Oct. 29
Aug.21 Rehearsal

Aug.28 Concert, at Friendship Village

2019 Repertoire
After hearing many suggestions from members, and deliberating:
 Em has arrived at the following list of possible repertoire
 (with some conductors, listed in parentheses)
 for our 2019 “Music of Minnesota” theme.
 In-library (previously performed)
Ave Maria - Biebl, in Serber arrangement
     Minnesota March - Sousa
     Pilgrims Hymn - Paulus (VanDuzee arrangement)
     Skippidy Hoppidy - Al Sweet

Wizard of Oz - Baum
  If you do not have any of the above pieces, ask a colleague on your part
  to make you a copy and bring it to their next rehearsal for you.

 Newly-added to library, or on-order:
  Foshay Tower Memorial March - Sousa (2 sets ordered)
   Cabalina - Al Sweet (parts from Al, copies already made)
   Chorale and Shaker Dance II - Zdechlik (Phil Raaen conducts)
                                                    (2 sets ordered)
   Latina - Bencriscutto (Dick Papke will conduct) (2 sets ordered)
   Prince, in Concert - (2 sets ordered)

   Minnesota Portraits - Schroeder (Em conducts,
          to parts from Calhoun Community Band)
   Three Rivers Suite -  (Steve Lyons conducts, with parts from
                                       his St. Louis Park Community Band)
 Other possibilities:
  Bob Doan tribute piece commissioned by PCB -
(Em will conduct).            
   maybe-polka by our trumpeter Curt Larson.
   ? by our clarinetitst Don Larson (in the midst of writing it).
   ? by our hornist Jim McCreary (hopefully).
   ? piece by our bassoonist Nick VanD (if he writes one)
  Em plans to distribute new music at August 21 rehearsal,
   and sight-read as many as possible in late Sep.-Oct.

Westwood Lutheran Church
S side of Cedar Lake Rd (above Cedar Lake)
  ~4 blks E of US-169 &  2 blks W of Boone Ave
      in St.Louis Park

    Office Phone: 952-545-5623

Member-Involved Events (1)
 Bob Doan Memorial Commissioned

   For anyone interested in a PERSONAL donation to the Bob Doan commission fund:
     Contact David Elmhirst, of the commissioning Plymouth Concert Band,
        Send an email at '',
    or Call him at 763-227-6474,
    or Mail a check
made out to Plymouth Concert Band.
to     Robert Doan Commission,  c/o David Elmhirst
                                      1825 Wisconsin Ave N
                                      Golden Valley, MN 55427

     He will send you a receipt right away.
Mr. Elmhirst will return any checks made out to a different entity
   (like the Commission) already sent, with an envelope to send another.


2017 Finale Concert  Tuesday, Oct.31

1. Trumpet Salutations
2. March excerpts, from 'National Emblem' (shortened)
3. National Emblem March
4. March Of the Steel Men
5. Crown Imperial
6. Menard’s Enigma
7. 76 Trombones
8. West Side Story
9. The King and I
10. Tribute To Marvin Hamlisch
11. Curtain Call

12. Stars And Stripes Forever