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     Synod Senior Band (MN)
                          Music Director: Emmett Stark                            Webmaster: Dick Peik

    Mission - we make joyous music by and to Seniors    Synod Senior Band - 2010 photo                    
                                                                                                 Member Roster/Contact

Season is warm (April-October, with June & July off,
         and light (daytimes).

  Membership:  Our membership roll already has over 100 members[!],
                          yet we continue to recruit members
                          to ensure coverage for those missing a given event.

Rehearsal:  April 30, 2019

~2/mo. Tuesdays (usually)
(slight extension)
Westwood Lutheran Church, St. Louis Park
      on South side of Cedar Lake Rd above the lake,
      4 blks East of US-169, 2blks West of Boone Ave,
        usually in Good Shepherd Hall ("WwLC/GSH")
Office Phone: 952-545-5623
  News:  1) Aug.27 Friendship Village gig set for 7:00p.
              2) Chuck Hoff

2019 Programs Repertoire:

 1. Minnesota March
 2. Chorale and Shaker Dance II (Phil Raaen dir.)
 3. Heartstorm  (composed by Jim McCreary)
 4. On the Edge  Polka (composed by Curt Larson)
 5. Latina (Dick Papke dir.)
 6. Ave Maria (Tom E
ngquist dir.)
 7. Cabalina (composed by Al Sweet)
 8. Prince in Concert
 9. Gopher Variations (composed by Tom Root,
                           commissioned and dir. Nick Van Duzee)
10. Stars and Stripes Forever
2019 Season Schedule:
   April 2 - Rehearsal
          Gopher Variations,
          On the Edge Polka,
          Chorale & ShakerDance II
  April 16 (Tue.) Rehearsal
          Minnesota March -
          Ave Maria (Tom E. conduct)
          Prince in Concert
          Latina (Dick P. conduct)
April 30 - Rehearse (in WwLC's GSH)
           any piece needing more time.                   
  May   7  - Rehearse (in WwLC/GSH)
                                  full Concert-program run-thru.
  May 17 (Fri.)
- Concert
                                at Salem Covenant Church/New Brighton

  August  6 - Services-Rep Rehearsal in WwLC (Sanctuary)
  August 11 (Sun.) @S1?a & @S2?a - Services at WwLC
  August 20 - Rehearsal (at Transfiguration LC/Bloomington)
  August 27
(Tue.) @7:00p - Concert at Friendship Village/Bloomington
September 12 @12:30p - Rehearsal (at Trillium Woods/Plymouth)
                    13 (Thu.)  @3:00p - Concert at Trillium Woods                    
  September 21 (Sat.)
@~6:30p - Concert at Gethsemane LC/Hopkins
  October 15 - Rehearsal in WwLC/(?)
  October 17 (Thu.) @1:30p - Concert at Masonic Home/Bloomington
  October 28 - Rehearsal in WwLC Sanctuary,
                     @12:30p - Annual luncheon
  October 29 (Tue.)
@10:30a - Annual Coffee Concert
                     in WwLC Sanctuary


Projected Added Repertoire for 2020 Season: (for 'active' folder)

     "Minnesota Portrait" (some or all)

    "Three Rivers Suite" (some or all) (Parts in 2019)

      Bob Doan Memorial commission (Parts in 2019)

    "State Bank March" (Faye Washington cond.)

    "Wizard of Oz" (Faye Washington cond.)

    "Swagger Stick March" (Don Larson composer) (Parts in 2019)

    "Foshay Tower March"

"The Minnesota Portraits" - Carl Schroeder
Band audio - Calhoun-Isles Community Band (website, via Ann Verme)
 Band audio - Calhoun-Isles Community Band   (You Tube, via Mary Preus)

Member Activity Notices (0)
2017 Finale Concert (Oct.31)  (see Program list)

2016 Finale Concert

Repertoire Turn-Ins
  Chassidic Kaddish
  Moorside March
  Peck Horns Revenge
  Precious Lord, Take My Hand
  Rakes of Mallow
  Sousa Palooza
  Southern Four
Deaths In the SSB Family
  March 2019: Chuck Hoff
           percussionist, drum set

     Jan. 2019:  Irene Knutson
alto saxophonist, and Band's first Treasurer